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Here in JamRock City our main goal is to make your experience as fun and comfortable as possible. To achieve this goal we have set some rules for our community that is expected to be followed.

Please note that rules can be changed, removed or added at any time so please pay attention to notices in discord after you have rented with us.

Do I have to RP if I live here?

No, RP here is a choice. If you want to live here because of the love of the area then you are welcomed to do so! Roleplayers will be given a different group tag to wear so they can be easily differentiated from just regular renters.

Do I have to live here to RP here?

You are not required to live here to RP here. There is a group for RPers that is free to join. Note that you will not have rez rights here unless you rent with us.

Respect is a MUST!

The number one rule is to be respectful! Respect is expected from both residents and visitors of the sim. We do not tolerate shaming others here in JamRock City. Whether it's there avatar appearance or their RP style.

The sim's rating.

This is a moderate sim. We ask that you keep all adult activities within walls. Keep adult activities away from avatars ran by minors and underage-looking avatars!

Advertising businesses.

Here in JamRock we support all the businesses on the sim. Advertisement of businesses is only allowed for business in JamRock City. It is only allowed once every 24 hours in-worl and in discord.

Where am I allowed to go?

Do not enter the homes of residents without their permission. Continuous reports of you doing this will lead to action. You can enter homes that are vacant, all occupied homes will not have a hover text above the mailbox.

Help us keep the lag to a minimum.

Please keep script usage to a minimum on the sim. Excessive script usage will affect not only you but others on the sim. This includes limiting the amount of pets you have rezzed, not leaving your baby home when you are gone, taking up cars that is not being used unless it is in your home's parking spot, etc.

Security of the homes.

Every residential rental comes with it's own security. The home owner has the ability to add tenants and guests to their home, they also have the ability to ban people from entering their home. Our top priority is ensuring our residents feel comfortable in their new home. Please keep in mind that apartments in the same complex share the same parcel.

Driving on the sim.

Every renter, residential and commercial, will be allowed to drive on the sim. But there are a few things to keep in mind; Vechiles are not allowed to be parked on the street, you may have your vehicle rezzed in your designated driveway or in public parking spots. If your car is abandoned in the city you will receive a notice. After three (3) we will reach out to you. This is to reduce script usage on the sim. Please keep your vehicles locked when not in use!

Rezzing on the sim.

Home owners and their family (or whoever they decide to add as tenants) will be able to rez their own items. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU JOIN THE GROUP THAT IS SENT UPON RENTING. If you missed the group invite you can click your mailbox for another one! We do ask that you keep your items within your home and not scattered across the sim! Please keep all items rezzed outside of your home in the same theme of the sim! Do not pass your prim allowance! Skyboxes and platforms are not permitted!

Paying your rent.

If your time runs out and you have not paid your rental you will be given 24 hours to catch up on your rent. You will be reminded to pay your rental when there are 3 days remaining and notified when your time runs out. If payment is not made the property will be released for rent and your items returned to you.

Refund policy.

Refunds will not be given. Ensure that this home/store is the one for you before paying! If you are switching homes/stores to another you will not be refunded the remaining time so make sure that you really want to switch homes/stores.

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